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Board & Committees

Our Board

Mike Wilson
Vice Presidents:
Daniel Higham, Krissy Stewart
Kelly Boyd, Fred McFarland
Walter  Judd, Terry Wilson
Michael Boyd, Andrew (AJ) Meece, Tommy Rea, Jr., Ron Naile, Eric Spivey, Karie Patz, Wayne Topolyn, Rhonda Heil, Matt Hodgman, Nyla Carr
Association Manager :
Bobby Taylor
Asst. Assoc. Manager
Lori Taylor

Our Committees

Audit / Budget Committee:

Chair – Krissy Stewart;
Kelly Boyd, Mike Boyd, AJ Meece

Hall of Fame Committee:

Chair – Fred McFarland,
Krissy Stewart, Daniel Higham

Nominating Committee:

Chair – Bobby Taylor,
Fred McFarland, Kelly Boyd, Tommy Rea Jr.

Tournament Committee:

Chair – Bobby Taylor
– Entire Board

Special Tournament Committee:

Chair – Bobby Taylor,
Wayne Topolyn, Krissy Stewart, Eric Spivey, Kelly Boyd, Mike Boyd, Bill Hanson

Annual Meeting Committee:

Chair – Mike Boyd,
Kelly Boyd

Policy & Procedures- By Laws Committee:

Chair – Eric Spivey,
Fred McFarland , Mike Boyd, Wayne Topolyn

Youth Committee:

Chair – Karie Patz,
Matt Hodgman,Walter Judd, Tommy Rea Jr., Ron Naile

Awards Committee:

Chair – Daniel Higham,
Executive Officers

Ways and Means Committee:

Chair – Terry Wilson,
All Board Members

Charity Committee:

Chair: Fred McFarland

Publicity Committee:

Krissy Stewart 

Web Committee:

Chair – Bobby Taylor,
Wayne Topolyn, Michael Boyd